Translation and Research

  • Members of the Rigpa Shedra have been involved in translation from Tibetan to English, French, German and other languages. Most recently this includes work on His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s book Mind in Comfort and Ease, and translation of two major commentaries on the Rigdzin Dupa sadhana. Some of the translation work done by members of the shedra is featured on the Lotsawa House site.
  • The shedra is also helping to produce outlines of important collections of Tibetan texts for use on the website of TBRC.
  • Members of the shedra have also been working to assist in the translation of Sogyal Rinpoche’s best-selling Tibetan Book of Living and Dying into Tibetan.

Rigpa Shedra Wiki

  • Begun in December 2006, the Rigpa Shedra Wiki is an online encyclopedia created by shedra students, with the intention of sharing basic buddhist information with the whole Rigpa sangha and the entire Tibetan Buddhist world. The English site is already proving successful, and sites in French and other languages are coming soon.


Font Development

  • For some years now, the Rigpa shedra has been working to develop Tibetan unicode fonts, based on the handwriting of Sogyal Rinpoche and the famed calligrapher Drungyik Tsering. Up to now the fonts have been used internally in publications such as the well known Rigpa Tibetan Calendar, but there are plans to make them more widely available in the near future.

Computer Assisted Animations

  • The Rigpa Shedra is also working to develop computer assisted animations of complex Vajrayana visualisations. A vajra tent can already be seen on the shedra Wiki website. The next work is an animation presenting the mandala of the Rigdzin Dupa as a means to show the connection between 2D traditional mandalas and 3D mandalas. Other projects will include the visualizations of the ngöndro practice and Vajrakilaya in 3D.