Donate to the Rigpa Shedra East

The Rigpa Shedra’s vision is vast and far reaching. All the courses are designed to be ‘self supportive’ meaning that the budget for each of our programs is balanced by the student’s fees and is closely monitored. Nevertheless scholarships as well as some of the other Rigpa Shedra projects can only be established based on the support of donors.

Here a few examples of how your donation can make a difference:

  • Sponsor one student for a whole year at the Rigpa Shedra East 3000€
  • Sponsor the Khenpo teaching for a whole Rigpa Shedra East term 800€
  • Sponsor the input of 100 Pages of Tibetan Text (indicative) 100€
  • Contribute to the Rigpa Shedra East Library 500€
  • Sponsor the rescuing of 100 rare audio recordings of masters 1000€

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If you want to contribute to the Rigpa Shedra by Transfer :

Crédit Coopératif de Montpellier
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34009 Montpellier Cedex 01

Account holder: Rigpa International


FR76 4255 9000 3441 0200 1455 383

Currency: Euro €

In this case, please always indicate the recipient of your donation:
“Donation to Rigpa Shedra -55 360 1715”
And send an email indicating the date in which the transfer was made
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