How to Study

dzigar-kongtrul-rinpoche.jpg“The point of doing anything in this life is to be truly in touch with oneself, and to move closer to the truth. However, if we are not quite in touch with ourselves our motivation could distort what we do.

I want to encourage you very much to be honest with yourself and be clear about your motivations. If you don’t do that, then you can be in such an incredible place as Lerab Ling—and be receiving teachings and be practicing—but all in all it would just be a sort of ‘summer camp’. Of course, a summer camp might have some benefit. It might be relaxing or fun, but what we have to work on is our individual path of liberation from the suffering of samsara.

To be honest and to be in touch with oneself is very difficult. This is because there are many fears to overcome. At least we have to have the courage to face them. Holding up an image of oneself or projecting that out onto the world may serve to fool others, but it will not serve you—ultimately. Eventually, one has to begin to see through one’s own veil of ignorance and denial.”

Excerpt from “How to Study”- by Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche, for the Rigpa Shedra Lerab Ling.

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