A-1st Sutra Studies Triennium

A1 Bodhicharyavatara
A2 Mipham Rinpoche’s Khenjuk
A3 Madhyamakalankara

B-2nd Sutra Studies Triennium

B1 Abhisamayalamkara
B2 Madhyamakavatara
B3 Uttaratantra Shastra

C-Tantra Studies Triennium

C1 Ösel Nyingpo – Mipham Rinpoche’s commentary on the Guhyagarbha-tantra
C2 Dzökyi DemigDodrupchen III‘s commentary on the Guhyagarbha-tantra
C3 Dzogchen text by Longchenpa

The texts will be taught as a three-year rolling programme and students will sit 1st and 2nd triennium exams after 3 and 6 years of study respectively. The three triennia will be taught in parallel, consequently students joining the shedra at any give year will attend whichever 1st triennium class is being taught on that year and complete the complement before beginning the second triennium.

Following Khen Rinpoche Namdrol’s advice, the two Sutra Studies Triennia are not prerequisites for the Tantra Studies Triennium, which can be attended as a stand alone module.